Kitigan Zibi 150th Year Celebration

150 Taso Pibonezimagad Kitigan Zibi 1853-2003

"150 Tasobiboneiga Kitigan Zibi, Kakapitenindagwak"
"150 Years of Kitigan Zibi and a Lifetime of Pride"

All events are drug and alcohol free

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Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Kitigan Zibi Education Sector, and Kitigan Zibi Health and Social Services

Did you know?
Kigikenindanawabaie na?

Did you know that Kichi Sibi is the original name for the Ottawa River?
It's true. It means "the great river" in Algonquin, the traditional river of the Algonquin people long before the Europeans arrived.
Did you know that Samuel de Champlain chose an Algonquin word for his colony in 1608?
It's true. The word he chose was "Kebek". According to his Algonquin allies, this word means "where the river narrows". The colony became Quebec City. It might also mean (1) a place to greet strangers or (2) a place to disembark.
Did you know that the Ottawa River was named after a nation of people who never lived there?
It's true. The Odawas, a nation from Georgian Bay, became the middleman to the French for fur traders between 1655 and 1680. The river was named for them. However, it's real name will always be "Kichi Sibi".
Did you know that the "Gatineau River" was named after a "coureur de bois" in the late 1600's?
It's true. Nicholas Gatineau de Plessis was a fur trader who used "Tenagadin Sibi" (traditional Algonquin name). The French renamed it after him.
Did you know there were Algonquians around Maniwaki before the first White settlers?
It's true. Where the Desert and Gatineau Rivers meet near Chateau Logue was a traditional Algonquin summer gathering place. The French built a trade post there in 1820 to conduct business with the Algonquins returning from their winter hunting grounds.
Did you know that the first schoolhouse in Kitigan Zibi was built in 1886?
It's true. It stood in the field across from Bernice and Russell Commonda's house. Up until a few years ago, you could still see the foundation.
Did you know that Kitigan Zibi reserve has experienced three major floods in its 150 year history?
It's true. The first flood was in 1929. The second one happened in 1949 and the last in 1974. The town of Maniwaki was hit worse because of it's proximity to the Gatineau River that flows from the Mercier Dam, the cause of all three floods.
Did you know that the late Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, actually visited Kitigan Zibi?
It's true. During his campaign to become Prime Minister in 1968, he landed by floatplane at Bitobi Lake. The late Mary Commonda have him a buckskin jacket as a gift from the Algonquin people of Kitigan Zibi. He must have had a special affection to that jacket, because he was seen in documentaries wearing it.

Migwetch to Steve McGregor at the cultural centre for the history facts.

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