Kitigan Zibi Health & Social Services Contacts

Employess of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Health & Social Services can be reached at:

Box 160, 8 Kikinamage Mikan
Maniwaki, Quebec
J9E 3B1

TEL: (819) 449-5593/4
TEL: (819) 449-3803
FAX: (819) 449-7411
TOLL FREE: 1-866-660-5593

Service Contact
Waseya House (Crisis Shelter) (819) 449-7425
Kiweda (Group Home) (819) 449-6299
Confidential Medical Information FAX: (819) 449-6916
Medical Clerk Access Only
Confidential Social Services/Youth Protection Information FAX: (819) 449-7927
Social Worker Access Only
Medical Transportation Coordinator Cell Phone (819) 449-0667
Widokazowin Center (819) 449-2323


Robin Decontie - KZHSS Director

Christina Smith - Assistant Director

Dawn Cayer - Executive assistant

Shannon Tenascon - Receptionist

Tanya Tolley - Medical Clerk

Shirley Commanda-Quedent - Nurse Supervisor

Jane McGregor Dumont - Community Health Nurse

Jamie Carle - Community Health Nurse

Doreen Paul - Home and Community Care Coordinator

Sheila Whiteduck - Home and Community Care Nurse

Wabigonikwe Tenasco - Home and Community Care Clerk

Fred Dumont - NNADAP Substance Abuse Counselor

Dean Ottawa - NNADAP Substance Abuse Counselor

Candice Mitchell - Medical Transportation Dispatcher

Kevin Hall - Medical Transportation Clerk

Charlotte Commonda - Supervisor Kiweda Group Home / Disabled Person Assistance

Susan Commonda - Income Security Officer

Chee-Chee Stevens - Mentatl Health Social Worker

Julian Dumont - Human Relations Social Worker

Tracey Tolley - Psychoeducator

Widokazowin Center

Helen Cayer - Enhanced Prevention Services Coordinator

Dan Decontie - Youth Prevention Worker

Natasha Mitchell - Criminal Court Diversion Worker

Kane Dumont - Family Wellness Worker

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