Administration Sector

The Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Administration manages many departments and services such as Community Bingos and emergency preparations such as Pandemic Plans. It also oversees the following direct departments:


Kitigan Zibi Employment & Training

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Welcome to the Kitigan Zibi Human Resource Department Online Center. Funded by the FNHRDQ (First Nations Human Resource Development Commission of Quebec), the main goals and services of the KZHRDB are to offer:

  • On the job training
  • General project / wage
  • Workforce stabilization
  • Welfare subsidy
  • Youth Strategy

The Kitigan Zibi Human Resource Development Board provides funding for Professional training and Academic Upgrading. (Must be 18 and a member of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg to apply).

The KZHRDB also offers the Urban Strategy Program, which is a fund for off-reserve clients, and features the same programs as above.

Please note, all services are subject to the availability of funding.

Kitigan Zibi Employment and Training Officer

The Employment Officer assists Band members with various services for job searching and training opportunities. The following is a list of services offered:

  • Employment Counselling
  • Job Search Techniques (resume writing)
  • Preparation for Job Interviews (employment contacts)
  • Job Placement Referrals (on and off reserve)
  • Training Requests/Financial Assistance Information
  • Information on Employment Programs for clients and employers
  • Oversees the financial planning for Training and Employment Programs
  • Issues payments and allowances to clients and employees who participate in Training and Employment Programs


Jamie Commonda - Youth Employment Officer

Janet Brascoupe - Employment Officer

The Youth Employment and Employment and Training Officers main office is located at:
Kitigan Zibi Administration Office, Po Box 309, Maniwaki, Qc. J9E 3C9, (819)-449-5170

Kitigan Zibi Youth Employment Officer

The Youth Employment Officer assists Band Members between the ages of 16 - 29 with Job Searching and Employment opportunities:

  • Job Search Techniques
  • Preparation for Job Interviews
  • Job Placement and Referrals
  • Summer Student Emplyment
  • Information on Youth Programs
  • Maintenance of Job Bank

Job Opportunity and Training Notice Board

All current job postings and training courses on and off reserve are posted on a bulletin board located at the Kitigan Zibi Administration Office

Training Request forms:

Training Request/Application forms can be obtained by the Employment Officer or Youth Employment Officer. The completed applications are then submitted to the Kitigan Zibi Human Resource Development Board for review.

Kitigan Zibi Human Resource Development Board

Composed of decisional and non-decisional seats.

Decisional seats:

Chairperson (Employment/Training Officer)
Economic Development Officer
Director of Education Sector
Director of Health and Social Services Sector
Income Security Officer
Community Services Director
Chief of Police

Non-Decisional Seats

Jamie Commonda (Youth Employment Officer)
1 Member of Education Council, Health Council, Police Council, and Band Council


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