Education Sector

"Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children" -Sitting Bull


We believe that our unique aboriginal way of life must constitute an important part of the educational program provided to students at all levels.

The Philosophy

We believe in Education:

  • as a process by which a human being is given the opportunity to achieve to his fullest and highest potential as an individual, as a member of his community and as a member of his Algonquin Nation.
  • as a preparation for total living
  • as a means of allowing free choice of where to live and work
  • as a means of enabling Our People to participate fully in our spiritual, and educational advancement.
  • as a means of enabling Algonquin students to learn to live good lives meaning that they: become self reliant
  • have respect for themselves, one another and for their elders
  • learn to live in harmony with themselves, the community, the people outside the community and the natural environment.
  • as a means of enabling Algonquin students to learn to make a 'good' living; meaning that they:
  • learn to read and write effectively learn mathematical skills learn and excel in computer technology
  • learn other skills necessary to secure employment in a challenging and rewarding field
  • learn their Algonquin culture and language

The Mission

Kitigan Zibi and Paginawatig School's mission in cooperation with the Kitigan Zibi community is to create challenging opportunities to educate students in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. It is our common mission to inspire students to achieve personal growth and cultural pride, to value life long learning, and to become responsible contributing citizens of their community, the Algonquin Nation and society at large.

The Vision

It is the continuing vision of Kitigan Zibi and Paginawatig Schools to build upon existing partnerships and programs to systematically support each youth's confidence and skills in developing meaningful careers and cultural identity leading to eventual success in a rewarding, high demand job in her/his chosen career pathway. Kitigan Zibi and Paginawatig Schools are committed to galvanizing partnerships and to creating opportunities for parents and the community to participate in the education of their children. Furthermore, the continued vision is to ensure that all staff working in the education sector strive to ensure that all individuals to whom they provide services are treated with respect, and that staff recognize that they are important role models.

The Goal

It is Kitigan Zibi and Paginawatig School's goal to give hope and encouragement to each student to reach his/her full potential academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Kitigan Zibi and Paginawatig School encourages each student to become a life long learner.

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