Education Sector

"Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children" -Sitting Bull


Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan - Elementary & High School

Mission and Vision

  • To assist our children to develop moral values, which are consistent with the community which should serve as a guide to living.
  • To help our children to develop mental and emotional maturity.
  • To seek out and to develop to their fullest, our children's individual talents and abilities.
  • To seek out and to assist our children in overcoming individual weaknesses.
  • To provide our children the opportunity to develop the skills of effective communication.
  • To provide opportunity for our children to speak, understand, respect and use their Algonquin language.
  • To help our children understand, respect and benefit from their own Anishinabe culture.
  • To help our children understand, respect and benefit from other cultures other than their own.
  • To help our children understand their responsibilities and privileges as members of their families and their communities.
  • To help our children develop those attitudes, habits and skills which will enable them to become well adjusted, well informed and socially responsible community members.

Course Information

High School Diploma and Certificate Requirements

  • Please refer to the Kitigan Zibi School Credit Policy.
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