Health & Social Services


Since the very beginning, Kitigan Zibi has worked hard at obtaining autonomy over the administration and Delivery of their Health and Social service programs. The Kitigan Zibi Health & Social Services Sector of Kitigan Zibi has been in existance since the mid-eighties, although the efforts to have control over such programs far preceed this date.

All of the buildings listed on the right are managed by the Health & Social Services Council which has been in place since 1991. For a more complete listing of the services as well as landmark dates pertaining to the KZHSS please see the following links. The KZHSS encompasses many programs which are geared toward the physical and mental health of all community members. From pre-natal nutrition to in-home care programs for seniors, the KZHSS has a variety of services in place. Specific buildings within the community cater to various areas of physical and mental health, such as:

  • KZHSS building (Health Centre)
  • Òde Wìdòkàzowin Centre
  • Kiweda Group Home (Retirement home)
  • Waseya House (Crisis Shelter)
  • Nicholas Stevens Center (for persons with intellectual disabilities)
  • Community Recreational Centre (for Youth)
  • Log Cabin at Wanaki Beach

Robin Decontie - Director

Dawn Cayer - Executive Assistant


Shannon Tenascon - Receptionist

Tanya Tolley - Medical Clerk

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