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Historically, the Canadian Federal Government provided policing services on reserves, through the Dominion Police and the RCMP. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Canadian Federal Government began to withdraw from policing reserves in favor of providing financial support. In 1977, Kitigan Zibi began policing with the Amerindian Police Service. In 1985, the reserve decided to transfer policing services from the Amerindian Police to its own controlled and independent Kitigan Zibi Police Department (KZPD).The KZPD is funded under the on-reserve First Nations Policing Policy.

Functioning independently from any other police organizations, the KZPD remains dedicated to ensuring the safety of all who reside in Kitigan Zibi Ansihinabeg. Its mission is to maintain peace, order, and public safety in the Kitigan Zibi territory, to prevent and repress violations of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as to apprehend the offenders. The KZPD has a responsibility to enforce all By-laws in effect under the Indian Act and recognizes the Canadian Criminal Code, in addition to other applicable acts.

While remaining highly community-oriented, not only do KZPD officers ensure the safety of property while safeguarding rights and freedoms, but they also respect and remain attentive to the needs of the victims. The KZPD officers have the powers of arrest, detention, and seizure. These are applied under the Federal Justice system. All KZPD officers are trained through the École National de Police du Québec.

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