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The Gold Flower
The Night
The Gates of Hell
The Moon
My Special Someone
Her Grandmother's teachings
My Sweetheart - Nint Ikwesisim
Learning Together
Woman of Pain
My Brother
F.A.S. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
L'Hiver C'est Penible
In the Wilderness
My Favorite Uncle
The First Time I Heard A Wolf Cry
It's the First of August...
The Elder's Eyes

The Gold Flower

I found a flower it smelled fine
That because I found it in a mine
My flower always shines on me
When I am feeling sad
But when my flower is around
I feel really glad
My flower is always there when
I need someone to talk to
It always listens to me and never
Walks away
My flower always
Does things for me
That s why I love it, because it s just
My gold flower and me.

Sarah Decontie


I like Candy
It is sweet
It smells like feet
On a seat
I like candy
On a stick
It tastes good
For a treat
I really love Candy

Mallory Whiteduck


Christmas is fun
I get lots, of presents
I give my mom a chocolate bun
I get lots of kisses, and hugs that why
I like Christmas
I play with my favorite toys
My parents are always full of joy
When Christmas is done I can t wait until
it starts all over again

Yan Brascoupe

The Night

The wind blowing,
The trees swaying,
The crackle of the fire,
So quiet, so peaceful,
So loving this house.
The dog's barking,
The moon glowing
So warm and nice
So clear
This house
Of mine.

William Chabot


Hearing the drums beat.
Wanting to dance.
Feeling proud of who you are.
The chants of the drummers,
making you feel strong.
Feeling nothing can harm you,
While you dance to the beat of the drum.

Jill Buckshot


When you sleep alone at night
The jaws of a nightmare chase you
You run, run and run some more
But it seems they re always behind you
Then they catch you and you fall, fall
Down a deep, deep dark pit
When you land monsters approach you
Then you wake up and see...

Mike Chabot

The Gates of Hell

Down,Down in the gates of hell
no one there feels quite well.
It's a dark and dismal place,
Despair hangs like a glowing face.
Way down there its very hot,
You here the tortured screams a lot,
The bats swoop across the sky,
Soaring like dark eagles high,
The demons, they lament with glee,
It s not a nice place to be;
Beyond the gates of hell.

Joel Odjick

The Moon

The moon is bright as it glows in the night
with sounds all around like a vampire's bite
As the moon floats in the sky
I watch the clouds go by
With the moon so shiny and bright

Cory Whiteduck

My Special Someone

My special someone is who I have
lived with for most of my life.
I love her more than anyone else.
She taught me things and cared for me.
She told me funny
and sometimes scary stories.
She gave me things to enjoy
like good desserts and nice clothes.
All my special someone has done for me,
made me be who I am,
and that is why she is my special

Kelly-Ann Tolley

Her Grandmothers teachings...

She descends the winding path,
through the trees and down the mountain,
Her hair flowing like an ebony fountain.
She comes to a clearing near the edge of the wood,
As long ago her Grandmother would.
Her teachings, her legends, her stories so old,
were forever and always to be foretold.
As She was leaving the clearing, her spirit aglow,
She watches the sun set soft and slow.

Deborah B. Odjick


savior, who
told Kichi Ma-
nito to give us a
second chance, who
flew as high as the sky
for us, who screamed
and got the attention of
the creator, who told the
creator that some of us still
practice the sacred ceremon-
ies, who saved us from tot-
al destuction, who gave us a
new day, who is the reason why
we still hold our ceremonies to-
day, who is why we are still
here today, who still flies
above us to see that our
traditions live on,
who we are for-
ever grateful
to, the

Winona Tenasco

Nint Ikwesisim

Mi sa nongom
Kitigan sipi ejinikatek
Minwenindagwat ki
Mi sa kinawe
Nint ikwesisim.
Gagetin kinawa n ga
Wibutc i dac ni ga
Nint ikwesisim.
Okima ikwesiwe nint
Tasangkwens ijinikaso
Gwenatc songa mamawi
Nint ikwesisim.
Songa songa ni sakiia
Gwenatc mega,
Nint ikwesisim.
Ondjita gotch nongom
Kitchi nibawiiang,
Nint ikwesisim.
Kakina awiia gagwedjima
Kitchi pi nimiatc apitc
Nint ikwesisim.
Ninga nicibon
Kinawe i dac ninga
Wibutc mega ni wi
Nint ikwesisim.
Acaie peconagwatc
Nongom gwetc acaie
ninga wabama
Nint ikwesisim.
Humming Nint

My Sweetheart

It is the day that I am
down the Desert River.
it is so nice to see spring
time again
and to hear the birds
It makes me think more
My Sweetheart.
I will paddle a little harder
So the sooner I will see
My Sweetheart.
My sweetheart is a
Her name is
She is pretty with her
My Sweetheart.
I love her very much
She is pretty indeed,
My Sweetheart.
For sure today I will ask
to marry me,
My Sweetheart.
I will ask everyone to
To dance with us at our
With my Sweetheart.
I will jump little rapids
In order to travel faster
To see her the sooner
My Sweetheart.
Already I see the sight of
Soon I will see
My Sweetheart.
Nint ikwesisim
Nint ikwesisim..

Daniel Whiteduck, 1966

Learning Together

The joy of seeing someone learn
Is the greatest gift of all
The joy of teaching so that they can learn
Is the gift I hope to give all
Won't and can't aren't words we use
Try and can we like to use
Challenge, See Success
Challenge, Do "Your" best
Learn of your culture, language and tradition
Learn of the life skills and working ambition
Learn to play while playing to learn
as they attend their classes each day

Alice Tolley

Woman of Pain

You sit upon the soft chair
Your eyes filled with the youth of yesterday
The light exposes your grief
The scars are not yet healed
You are a woman of pain
The humor you pour
Fills the walls and escapes
The breeze soothes the grief
The scars reveal the anger
You are a woman of pain
We are lost in your words
The words are merely symbols of thought
Why do you hide such?
The lips remain closed
You are a woman of pain
Our stomachs await the food
Our spirits reach out to understand
Pull down the cloak that hides
For we are but one
You are a woman of pain

Gilbert W Whiteduck

My Brother

The summer had let you smile and hope
Strength was still within you
I only saw the shadow that hid the truth
For you were My Brother
I was called to your side
But what was I to bring?
I did not have the strength and peace
I only saw the shadows in your eyes that hid the truth
For your were My Brother
The ancestors were calling
Voices I could not hear
The pain lay silent upon the inner spirit
I only saw the shadows beyond your eyes
that let the truth spill through
For you were My Brother
Memories came and went
Everywhere they were to be found
The scenes turned into tears
Hooks of life melted away the being
I only saw the truth that evaporated,
the shadows within your eyes
For you were My Brother
The weeks have come and gone
Your strength is felt all around
The years will do the same
The conscious has become unconscious
I will never see the truth as you did
For you were My Brother
I lie awake and think of family
Your chair will remain empty
The closeness will remain lost
The need remains so strong
The spirit world awaits
We will all join in one day
For the hope lies in our eyes
For the truth they can never hide
For you are My Brother always

Gilbert W Whiteduck


Oh Yes, that s me
I m three and I can
Count to three
Nursery is for me
Songs, Riddle and Rhymes
I sing them all the time
Now I know my head down to my toes
My ears, my eyes, my cheeks and my nose
Nursery is where my friends and me
Want to be

The Nursery Friends

F.A.S. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

Im passed out again,
my mothers been drinking.
What was she thinking?
Days and nights of parties and booze,
What did she have to lose?
Me, that s who.
For I m not the same anymore,
my mask is distorted,
my mind is distressed.
You've left me to suffer a life in a mess.

Karen Whiteduck

L'Hiver C'est Penible

L'Hiver ces't Penible,
on doit pelleter la neige,
couper le bois,
entrer le bois,
faire le feu,
il faut se lever tot le matin,
a 7.00 heure il fait encore noire,
on dit; ii fait encore noire Dad
on se plaint le matin
on pleure le matin
on veut rester coucher le matin
mais Ia seule chose q'on deverait faire
c'est de regarder les etoiles

Douglas Decontie


The iguana crawls from tree to tree,
Wondering where it can be.
In the deserts
in the forests
in the jungles
in the prairies?
And when it finds its place
It knows it has solved its case.

Karen Brascoupe


I like the snow
because it is cold.
When it s piled up
I play with it,
I slide in it,
and jump in it.
But when I get cold I leave it alone.

Mike Chabot


Fall is a beautiful season,
Beautiful colored leaves falling
to the cold brown ground.
While leaves fall they sparkle like stars,
Softly in the cold air,
Bright colors floating and falling.

Angie Maranda

In the Wilderness

Out in the wilderness
the deer is free.
He lives in grass and sand,
he lives in the woods.
He lives where he
has to catch food.
Out in the wilderness
strong and free.

Victoria-Lynn Tenasco

My Favorite Uncle

My favorite uncle always made me laugh
with his funny jokes
and bumper stickers on his truck.
My uncle also had two dogs,
he loved his dogs very much.
He was a very hard worker.
I used to see him everyday and make
bets with him.
He was the funniest person I have ever met,
but soon he got sick and passed away.
Now I miss him
the most things I miss are his jokes
and bets.
I always expect to see him but he's never
I picture him smiling every once in a
That makes me realize how much I miss
my uncle
Telesphore and how
I will always remember him.

Kelly-Ann Tolley

The First Time I Heard A Wolf Cry

The days were getting shorter,
The days were getting colder,
The moon was bright
What a beautiful sight,
The night was quiet,
There was too much silence,
The night was broken,
By a howling cry,
The cry that never failed to thrill me,
Soon there were to be many more cries,
The first time I heard a wolf cry.

Misty-Blue Whiteduck


She came to visit me one night and
said "My girl, do not weep no more".
She was a welcomed sight
as she stood near the door.
My spirit, my life lives on in your heart,
feed your children and their children
with my love and your love.
"My girl, do not weep no more".
With a wave of her hand,
with escorts so grand, she walked into the
light. I will weep no more.

Marilyn Miller-Tolley

Its the first of August...

Its the first of August once again,
Time for one B.S.W. course to begin.
The sun shines down, the wind is blowing
The water is beautiful with shadows flowing.
Everyone here is eager to start,
We all say something from our heart.
We are glad to be back,
and that is a fact.
To gain more knowledge
from some of our elders who,
did not attend college.
They share their lives,
and then they must part.
They have their unique way of expressing themselves.
We feel something stir within ourselves.
They talk of lives that have been destroyed,
of reason why many remain unemployed.
It's been a hard struggle,
but we are still here.
Here in a circle without any fear.
We ll stand and unite as one proud people,
proud of our culture, tradition and language.

Alice Tolley

The Elder's Eyes

Your piercing eyes challenge the circle
They reveal a pride so long born,
of today they are not
Formed of secrets and pain,
they do reveal
Fear of opening the cloak of silence
Rages behind the curtains
Remembering can hurt but does it heal
The eyes are the windows of the mind
The eyes are upon me
I bow my head in a retracted humbleness
The challenge is not in the words
Eyes can not answer
Years of many moons
The strength does hear lie
Your piercing eyes do challenge
Your Elder eyes have hear spoken.

Gilbert W Whiteduck

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