Policies and Guidelines

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Policy and Guideline Listing

NameSectorFile TypeFile Size
KZHRDB Employment and Training Policy and Guidelines 2018 All PDF 2.44 MB
KZ Salary Scales 2018-2019 ALL KZA PDF 274.31 KB
KZA Finance Policy August 2015 ALL KZA PDF 19.55 MB
KZA Human Resources Policy Indeterminate Employees May 31, 2017 ALL KZA PDF 1.14 MB
KZA Human Resources Policy Term Contract May 31, 2017 ALL KZA PDF 898.73 KB
KZA Staffing and Recruitment Policy May 31, 2017 ALL KZA PDF 716.85 KB
Oath of Confidentiality All KZA PDF 135.13 KB
Code of Student Behaviour Education PDF 1.37 MB
KZK Promotional Brochure Education PDF 1.02 MB
Parent Handbook Education PDF 1.38 MB
Post Secondary College Policy English 2018-2019 Education PDF 1.12 MB
Post Secondary Funding Application 2016-2017 French Education PDF 754.80 KB
Post Secondary University Policy English 2018-2019 Education PDF 1.20 MB
Programme D'aide postsecondaire-Collegial Education PDF 607.90 KB
Programme D'aide postsecondaire-universitaire Education PDF 602.20 KB
Band Council Guidelines KZA PDF 733.14 KB
CEDO Policy 2015 KZA PDF 535.54 KB
Community Economic Development Policy 2012 KZA PDF 51.69 KB
Economic Development Plan 2013-2020 KZA PDF 971.23 KB

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