Kitigan Zibi

Algonquin Language Web/CD Project Design Team - 2005


Katrina Whiteduck. Kwey, I am 16 years old. I currently live on the Kitigan Zibi Reserve and attend Kitigan Zibi School at the Secondary 5 level. I have been working on the Language CD and internet site and I think itís a very good way for people who donít know the Algonquin language, to learn a little about it.

I hope you enjoy our Algonquin language site and CD.  Megwetch.


Shayne O'Brien. I'm 16 and come from the Kitigan Zibi Reserve in Quebec. I'm a student at Kitigan Zibi School, currently enrolled in Secondary 5. I'm one of the students working on the language CD and web project. 

I think this is a very good way to teach and it's a way to keep our language alive. I am very honored to be working on this project. As a student it helps, not only by learning but also by helping to keep my language available to other generations. 


Jordan McDougall. I am part of the design team for this Native Language Project. I decided to sign up for this project because I thought it would be fun. I was in for a surprise, it turned out to be quite ok! I found it was difficult to pronounce some of the Algonquin words but with a little practice I got it!

My plans are to graduate from high school, go on my grad trip and then enjoy my summer. I will get a job and save up my money then move on to college.


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