Known as ugly mischievous people, who frightened the Indians. It’s a bad spirit which is never seen, but can be heard very loudly.

They are little people who stand about 3 feet high. They are mostly seen at night. They like teasing Indians. And have the power to become invisible.

This was a person who was able to talk to trees, and animals. They were times where he was very ignorant and at times he was very smart. He was able to change form at anytime.

Also known as the bag lady, who stole children if they were bad and didn’t listen to their parents. She would put them in her bag, and would hit the bag with a stick if the children started to cry. She used to keep the children locked up in her cabin, and fed them raw fish.

People used to hear bones rattling above their head. The bones use to rub together three times, then fly off. If you heard this, and were scared and nervous, it meant you wouldn’t live very long. But if you weren’t scared it meant that you would live long, and “Pog-ick” would leave you alone.